Monday, December 27, 2010


Welcome to Operation Eat Less Crap. My name is Kristin, and along with my husband, Andy, I have committed to eating 100% natural, organic, and as local as possible for the next six months (and if all goes well, for much, much longer!) Why? Well, there's the health benefits, the desire to live more locally and support real farmers and independent businesses, and the fact that real food just tastes better. 

Every challenge needs some rules. Below is our official Operation Eat Less Crap Charter, which goes into effect Jan. 1st, 2011.

1. We will cook nightly, and eat leftovers for lunch.
2. We will buy local and organic whenever possible.
3. We will buy as many ingredients as possible from the produce section and bulk food aisle.
4. We will aim for limited meat dishes, and will buy only local and organic meat.
5. As much as possible, all shopping will be done at our local co-op.
6. Any food that is processed, must have ALL ingredients that are easily recognizable.
7. When eating at other people's houses, all the rules are null and void. We don't want to be 'those people.' :)

Over the next six months, we'll be sharing our experiences, our favorite recipes, and lessons learned. We hope you'll join us!

-K & A


  1. This is awesome Kristin! Looking forward to following along and maybe, dare I say it, joining in???

  2. Jealous! I wish we had a co-op close by! We don't have anywhere to buy 100% natural and organic, but we try a little. I'd like for my husband to be as adamant about it as I am.. makes it hard! I'm excited to see how you guys do and gawk at your delicious food.