Sunday, January 2, 2011

Helpful little hint.

What can help you cut calories and fat, save you time, AND costs only $1?

A plastic spray bottle, that's what! A perfect all-natural alternative to those expensive canned cooking sprays. We're always cooking with oil, and end up using way too much in an attempt to make sure the skillet is completely coated. Using the spray bottle, you end up using less oil, which means less calories and less fat.

Also works great for popcorn. The other night we spritzed some olive oil on our air-popped popcorn, tossed in garlic powder, basil, and parmesan cheese, and ended up with super yummy pesto popcorn!


  1. wow, never even thought to do that. and we were in need of cooking spray too. thx for the tip

  2. I never thought of a regular spray bottle. I bought one of those $10.00 "misto" contraptions, i like it a lot, but your idea is cheaper!

    Stalking you from your other blog ;-)

  3. That popcorn sounds amazing!! Thanks for the tip:)

  4. Just make sure the spray bottle is BPA free! We're obsessive with trying to cut out as much plastic as possible. Fats tend to leach chemicals out of plastic, so you'll want to buy as much food in glass as you can - especially fatty foods like peanut butter.